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Mobile Web Design

A great mobile website design from Design At Work results in a longer client engagement on your site and should equal more conversions, too. These days, people are using their phones to browse the internet more and more. Between all the cute cat videos and bad political news, we know attention spans are dwindling. Your mobile website design needs to grab their attention ASAP and be simple to navigate.

Let the responsive website developers at Design At Work help you. Our experienced developers create well-coded, smart looking websites that equal a better user experience. We understand the need to deliver stellar mobile websites that gives the information they need in an easy to read format.

Better user experience equates to more conversions which equals better leads and more closed sales. Why is all this mobile design important? Because baby needs a new pair of shoes!

A mobile website design is typically a simplified version of your full desktop website and is easy to navigate. It’s the one time in your life that it’s ok to be “all thumbs”. Page speed is important while you are on the run, so all images are optimized for the smaller screen size. Longer client engagement sends a signal to the search engines like Google that your site is relevant and informative. This ultimately results in higher mobile search engine rankings.

Design At Work’s mobile web development team offers customers the confidence of knowing their website looks great whether it’s on a desktop or a smart phone. It is simply a reality of the times – if they’ve got thirty seconds to spare, people are most likely checking your website on their phone.

If you’re ready to enhance your website usability for mobile viewers, consider Design At Work your tech trailblazer. Is your web presence optimized for mobile viewing?

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