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Reap the Benefits of a Blossoming Website.

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Just like gardening, creating a flourishing website takes thought, time and care. If April showers bring May flowers, there’s no better time than the spring season to plant the seeds for an eye-catching, highly visited website.

With a green thumb for websites, Kirby’s unearthing a few tips to get you started:

  • Dig up information about your audience to craft a message that addresses their needs. Just like you have to determine whether a plant likes sunlight or shade, you need to figure out your audience’s habits and preferences.
  • Don’t let your website become a jungle of a garden, where customers get lost and confused. Keep content and design clean, neat and rosy to attract customers and allow them to navigate easily.
  • Sprout a following by including social media links, a blog and a sign-up for your eNewsletter or eBlasts. A news section with press and the latest events you’re attending also helps keep your customers informed.
  • Once your website is up, you can sit back and just let it grow, right? Not quite. Your website can become overgrown with content if you continually add and build to it, so it’s important to prune it regularly. Remove old information, plant new content or redesign all or parts of it.

With the right seeds and a little TLC, you’ll have a thriving, beautiful website in no time.

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