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Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Paid Search Campaign

High intent keywords are a driving force behind a better return for your digital marketing paid search campaign versus less descriptive low intent keywords. Combat this by doing an analysis on how your company pops up in search results. In order to understand the analysis, it is important to understand the basic types of search queries performed.

Navigational Search – This search will lead someone to a particular site like a bank sign-in page.

Informational Search – This is more of an informative result, such as providing statistics or side effects of medication.

Transactional Search – This search leads a person to an interactive webpage where someone can request a quote or sign up for a subscription, essentially requesting pricing or paying for a product.

Where the high intent, also known as commercial intent, keywords come in would be under the transactional searches. This is a more detailed search for someone who knows exactly what they want and are looking to finalize a sale which provides the return on investment (ROI) companies are looking for from their digital marketing paid search campaign.

High intent keywords should not be confused with high volume keywords. High volume keywords will generate more clicks on your website, but not necessarily provide more consumer leads. When it comes to identifying high intent keywords, keep in mind that they will be unique to your business and what you are providing.

For example, for a business that offers tangible products for sale, commercial intent keywords that may work well are affordable, best, and cheapest. While these words will capture the attention of someone purchasing a product, these words do not translate well when it comes to providing something that is intangible such as a service. For services some commercial intent keywords that may fit are phrases like free trial or hourly rate.

Getting specific with your search engine marketing (SEM) can help reduce waste spend for the bottom line of your marketing budget and increase conversion through conversion rate optimization (CRO) that boosts visitors to your website with the purpose of converting a high percentage of those visitors to complete a transaction with your company. This is a method gaining in popularity because it can be achieved successfully without having to increase spending on advertising. Unsure of where to start with the analysis of your paid search campaign? Contact our marketing professionals for more information and turn clicks into conversions!

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