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Word on the Street is Design At Work is 25.

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In 1990, head–to–toe denim, parachute pants and windbreakers were running the fashion streets, but walking the walk is only half of what it takes to be “on fleek” – you also have to talk the talk. Here’s a look at some of the most popular expressions from 1990 to now.

1990: Talk to the Hand. Because, you know, the face ain’t listenin’. This expression of exasperation made its way into mainstream culture in ’92 when Martin Lawrence used it on his hit sitcom Martin.

1995: As If! A modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, Clueless hit the big screen in July of this year, catapulting Alicia Silverstone to fame and this phrase to the lips of every teenage girl.

2000: Hella. In 2001, the band No Doubt used the popular West Coast phrase to encourage us to “keep on dancin’,” which encouraged the use of the expression nationwide.

2005: Bromance. While allegedly coined in the 90s, this term describing the plutonic affections of male BFFs wasn’t popularized until celebrities and film embraced the term in the mid–2000s.

2010: Hashtag. Once affectionately known as the pound sign, the hashtag first staked its claim to pop culture when Twitter began publishing “Trending Topics” on its homepage. It was officially added to Merriam–Webster’s dictionary in 2014.

2015: On Fleek. Don’t even think about saying “on point” anymore, guys. It’s “on fleek.” Why? Because just like our closets, our word banks can always use an update.