Houston-based ventilation product manufacturer breathes life into their image and branding.


Even though they create products designed to make air flow, Metallic Products felt their branding had become somewhat stagnant. WIth Design At Work, they wanted a fresh approach to marketing their highly sought-after metal building ventilation products. After learning more about their goals as a team (and a Ventilation 101 session with the company’s leadership), Design At Work tagged their new campaign: "Work That Flows."

Not only does Work That Flows encompass the literal purpose of Metallic Products’ entire business, but it also touches on their high standards of creating equipment that integrates seamlessly with their customers’ existing structures. The new campaign features headlines with clever nods to the main pillars of the business, like “vent,” “air” and “flow.” With a new brand and messaging to match, Design At Work launched a new website, designed a custom tradeshow booth, and continues to reinforce the brand through email marketing, social media, advertising and more.