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2017’s a thing of the past, and a shiny new year awaits. As we step into 2018 — the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese calendar — Design At Work is putting our own spin on things. Our crew’s advice? Focus your company’s efforts on the BLOG. Here are just a few of the ways a robust blog can do big things when it comes to marketing your business:

A boost in online search results.
The more content hosted on your company’s website, the more text search engines can pick up on. When you maintain an active blog with targeted keywords, you show up on search engine radar and improve your odds of sitting on the first or second page of results when people search out services related to your business.

Positioning your company as an industry expert.
Sure, you know your company is the best in your field, but how are clients — and potential clients — supposed to know that? Regularly posting thoughtful and meaningful blog entries helps others understand that you know what you’re talking about. In addition, “news you can use” posts such as those offering “free” advice, foster warm feelings and could result in new business opportunities.

Fodder for social media posts.
A social media page that sits lonely and forgotten does a company more harm than good. Regular posts let others know you’re staying active, keeping up with the times and making an effort to communicate and educate. When you write posts that link back to your blog articles, that social media page is doing double duty. It’s keeping you visible and fostering web traffic. In other words? A win/win.

Sit. Stay. Start Marketing Your Business.
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